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Reference from author E.L. Todd for Soul Catcher:

Since Soul Catcher was my first novel, I was incredibly doubtful and insecure with my skills as a writer, but through my relationship with Kris, an amazing editor, she not only made my novel absolutely flawless, but she guided me along this path, one that I’ve never tread. When I received my edits from Kris, I was overwhelmed by how much better it sounded. Most of the sentences she rewrote weren’t just better—they were amazing. Not only did she catch vital flaws within my story, but she taught me how to be better, sharing her vast knowledge with me. There was never a question I asked that wasn’t answered within the hour. She even called me to calm me down when I had a panic attack about my cover photo. She went above and beyond, choosing to hold my hand simply because she wanted to. She is compassionate and caring, paying exact detail to every word in my book, and this entire process wouldn’t have been so wonderful without her. You couldn’t ask for a better editor, in my opinion. Not only do I have great respect for her and her abilities, but I am also in awe of her. You won’t find a better editor elsewhere.

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Kris Kendall
My passion for books goes beyond reading, editing, and writing. I live for all aspects of publishing.